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22 February 2021 @ 08:48 pm

You might want to know so that you won't be going like, "Who the hell is this random person adding me?!". So yea. If you see that username arrowup in your inbox saying that that user just added you, well then that's me adding you back (no duh xD). I hope you'll accept it, ne~.

See you there hehehehe.
28 December 2020 @ 10:51 am
Because Ryu-kun is against random adding :DCollapse )

i can compare myself with an apple not only because it is one of my favourite fruits but because apples have different colors; some are red, others are green. their tastes differ too. the different colors of the apple are like the different views of people about me. Some people may think i’m smart, some may think i’m kind, some may even think of negative things. the different tastes of the apple; they are sometimes sweet and juicy and others may be sour to the taste. Just like me, i can be helpful and nice but i can also be mean and disobedient.

      i compared myself with a fruit, and fruits come from trees so i think that the tree from where i came from is my family and friends. they are the ones who made me what i am today. and of course, there are stems that attach the fruit to the tree. that stem symbolizes how close i am to my family. But after some time, that stem will break and that fruit will fall. When that happens, i guess it means that i’m old enough to take care of myself and live on
my own.
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19 December 2020 @ 01:14 pm

This is a project I've been making for the past.. month? to be posted today on my birthday! :)). Anyway, this is a collection of fanfictions I've made about Yamada Ryosuke and a certain OC. Unnamed or may she go under the name of Minegishi Yui, I don't care. But I'm telling you, it's OC. All of the stories although I try to sneak in pairs from time to time ;D. Because we all have noticed how serious Yama became, especially when the topic is about love. He says serious answers that would really pull on your heartstrings so it's not really that hard to imagine what kind of boyfriend he'd be. [Take note of the word IMAGINE]. Or maybe if you're smart enough, you'll also get that the stories here are actually what I want my future boyfriend to be/to do to me xD.

So, let us make things clear.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Yamada Ryosuke in person, nor does he know that I'm writing these things or maybe it just so happens, by a miracle, that he does. The Yamada Ryosuke that you get to read here is purely made out from my imagination. It is not the real him, rather it's the one I think he is or want him to be, at the least. The OC's name is like that mainly because I love that name and I'm the author and I get to do what I want :D.

Thank you and ENJOY <3!!!

Note: Most of them are still in the making and some of them are still yet to be imagined :)) So do wait for more :).

Late.Shiver. Freezing to Death.  
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18 February 2011 @ 11:59 am
So.. you guys must've been wondering what happened and why I'm not updating.. (Do you? xD).

Well.. I'll be updating about the recent and about-to-happen happenings.. in my other journal. LOLOLOL. Yea, annoying right? But, I decided that.. I won't be able to have fun if I don't get what I want. It's just a matter of changing journals anyway.

So yea. If I'm fortunate, I'll get it fixed by tomorrow and I'll post a link to my new journal :) just so you'll know. Don't worry, I'll be the one to add you (my friends). It's up to you if you still want to be friends, though. But I hope you still want to :).

On second thought, fixing might take a long time since I still have to think about stuffs regarding my older posts.. Bu~t I'll be sure to post at least updates about myself before next weekend :). The more important stories will be put up after, I guess :).
So, yea. I hope you guys aren't angry about it. Anyway~ Ciao!
04 February 2011 @ 08:21 pm
Okay, I've been planning on workign on my fanfics before watching HanaYori Director's Cut. Then something suddenly hit me, it's been a while since I imagined a bunch of YJ happenings! I mean, YamaxOC filled my head for the past few days [the most recent is InoueJun moments xD] and I'm glad I've been thinking about YJ again :). Well, I really don't know. I've forgotten about the plots.. so.. Goodluck to me! Maybe I'll take pics tomorrow since our room is clean. I'll just have to clean a bit more.. and change the position of some furnitures :).

I missed LJ so much <3. Bye guys :).

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31 January 2011 @ 04:52 pm
I just realized I haven't posted ever since that happened. Well, I'll yell you guys about it some other time because it's Yabu's time to shine wink.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YABU KOTA heart1lovelyheart1lovelyheart1!!!!

An avid soccer fan, a very talented performer, a wonderful composer.. that's Yabu Kota for you. With all those great achievements, he's one that never forgets to say thank you. I hope the Yabu Kota now will never change. There's always room for improvement but I hope that his personality will not change. Even if he's the oldest in the group, Ryutaro acts more mature than him. A certified child at heart lovely.And that's the thing I like most about him. He's not shy to fool around with everyone else but even with that, he takes the responsibility as the unofficial leader of JUMP. I love you so much Yabu Kota and I wish you nothing but all the good things in life <3.

And here's a little present :). It's not much. It's just full of randomness. But I did greet him there and I ask my friend to greet him as well [and the mistake there was on purpose, since she's so addicted ;)). And I'm proud to say that it was because of me :D]. One of my friends also wrote on the paper.. but it's just an extra part xD. At the very bottom. Anyway~ clickie to see closer!

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02 January 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Hallo, Hallo, Catch, Catch, Hallo, Hallo <3 lovely

Will be returning to school tomorrow teardrop *sigh.

I fail so much xD. I said to myself that I'll finish EVERYTHING by Saturday but it turned out to be a fail and so I still need to finish them now. I still have to paste, and write, and cut, and paste some more, and memorize shocku *dying*. Seriously, when will I ever learn DD: *sigh. I hope I will soon. Bu~t I got addicted to KARA yesterday thumbsup LOL. I just remembered their song.. and of course how can I forget their appearance in MS?? Where Yama had one of his awkward momentskekeke wink. So, I'm still getting confused..^_^;; and am having trouble telling them apart from one another xD. But if to choose who my favorite is.. I guess it's Nicole? Or.. I don't know! :)). They're all great girls ;) but.. one is like, 16? shocku That's so shocking. I mean, the age gap is.. whoa. But that's pretty cool :) thumbsup being a member and you're the youngest and you get along just fine. I think xD. Well, I've only started, and I hope it'll continue! So far, I'm addicted to Mister and Lupin heartyeyes . Gaaah~ Lupin is killing me right now lovely :)). Anyway, I should hurry up and do my homeworks because I still want to play Wii LOL. Because we have a new game, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility :DD . Yea, we're addicted to Harvest Moon :)). So, goodluck to me!!

snowleaf_buta pigface;chartreuse76  signing out! <-- will be doing this from now on because! The name snowleaf [which is the name of my chara in Harvest Moon T.o.T.] is just so cute, and pigs are cute [butaaa~pigface!] and that little masroom [mushroom] thingy is just choo irresistible!! Obsessed? Yes. Yes, I am ;P. Bye!
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29 December 2010 @ 01:23 pm

Title: Freezing to Death.
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke x OC [Minegishi Yui]
Summary: Having low tolerance to cold has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Since our lovable Yama gets so serious when talking about love, it's not so hard to imagine what he'd do and what he'd be like when he has a girlfriend ;3.
A/N: Got the idea from a certain party my family went to.. And hey, I have low tolerance to cold xD. So yea, based on real life. Sorry it's so short ><.

It was freezing cold. Her body was completely covered with a thick jacket and yet she was still shivering violently.
Ryosuke had asked her to come with him to a friend's party. Promising her that it'll only be a while, she complied to his request.. And here she was, almost freezing to death.
Ryosuke went back to her and apologized.
"I'm sorry for making you wait out in the cold like this." he said as he fixed Yui's thick jacket. The party was held at the park and it got colder than usual.

"Hmm.. it's okay." Yui replied in a weak, hoarse voice and leaned on Ryosuke as she buried her face on her boyfriend's chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. Ryosuke replied the hug, holding her tightly in his arms and rubbing her back gently in an attempt to make her warm.
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28 December 2010 @ 12:12 pm
I'm boredDD:. Not to mention, sleepy-_-. So bored and so sleepy that my my brain cells are dying every hour that passes..[let's not decrease the number of brain cells I have so much since I don't really have plenty to begin with and I still need them when I go back to school, okay thumbsup?].
GOD it's 12 o'clock in the freakin' afternoon and I still haven't done anythi-- oh wait. I am. I'm searching for some scans so that I can edit them for something I'm going to make. LOL. But, but, but, I WANNA WATCH~~;O; or something like that. I really don't know. I'm so moody right now face26. I don't even know what I want. I feel that I want something so badly but I don't know what! Maybe it's JustBeats? Yea, it may be a part of it. Maybe I want sleep as well. Because I've been yawning *yawns shocku* and stretching since this morning. *sigh.
Wow~ I've made so many random posts!! [LOL but I'm pretty sure I only made three or so xD].
LJ is my friend this winter break~heart1sparkles

--wait. NYC started when? ohmygosh. When did they celebrate their anniv?? Gosh I'm not even sure if I lived during that time anymore xD. Waaa~ I've seriously CRACKED;O;!!!
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27 December 2010 @ 01:14 pm
Give JustBeats on New~ Year's Day~ (New Year's Daaaay~)

I'm stuck on describing his eyes.

Mainly, it's because they're just.. I don't know myself :)). I LOVE THOSE EYES!! Even if it's not green or blue. Or those tantalizing hazel eyes an ex-classmate of mine had.. *searches for the meaning of tantalizing* Nah~ not good. *sigh. I envy that guy so much. He was my busmate before and we're on the same grade and whenever he looks at the back OHMYGOSH I know it's rude to stare but if you were in my place you'll still do it anyway! Seriously, his eyes are better than any contacts EVER.<--LOL exaggerated much? Well, that's all in my opinion. And yes, I still want my own pair of JustBeats. What's the connection? None really. It doesn't need to have one since it IS my post xD. Okay, I'm getting all crazy again so I better stop this now :)).
Sorry for the spammage.

UPDATE: Captivating. Damn it, that was pretty stupid :)). I'm losing my sanity in English :)).
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24 December 2010 @ 11:47 pm

I have no idea how to convey all my feelings in this message xD. It's not even Christmas Eve here yet [though I doubt I'll post this by then because I'm so lazy :))] but I'm really getting hungry :)).
How about you guys? I wonder, what food are you going to eat /:). Well, I bet that's something delicious :).
Homemade or not, what's really important is the people around you :). Those who care for you, those who you care for. Whether they're just beside you right now or if they're in some place else or somewhere up there, what matters are your feelings for them. Even if there are no gifts, just a simple 'Merry Christmas' and 'I love you', 'God Bless', 'Take Care' and lots of other wonderful words to say, even just by simply remembering them, shows your love for them.
The really important things in this world are LOVE and COMPANY. What's love if there's no one to give it to?
So love everyone with all your heart ♥ :). I hope that everyone gets to celebrate a very wonderful Christmas with their loved ones, in good times and bad, may God Bless us all :).
Don't forget to pray tonight :). You gotta thank Him for LOTS of things :). Because remember, we won't be celebrating any of this if He did not GIVE :).

I love you guys :). You know who you are :).
And thanks a lot to macymacymacy 's wonderful fic!! :)) Yea, I'm addicted to it. So much <3 ♥. I mean, who would arrange a reunion inside an elevator? With a mysterious out-of-place guy who happened to be Santa's helper?? xD. Okay, that wasn't really the story xD but I really love it! SO MUCH!!! Okay. I already said that. And I should shut up now because I'm ruining the moment of my Christmas message :)).
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19 December 2010 @ 01:21 pm
read on~Collapse )
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07 December 2010 @ 12:02 am
I can't stand to fly~ xD,.

LOL,. Okay,. That was random xD,. So sorry about that,. It's just that we're supposed to memorize that song for tomorrow :D,.This is a RANT,. About certain fandom issues xD,. Read at your own risk ;D,.Collapse )

It may sound absurd,
but don't be naïve.
Even heroes have the right to bleed.
I may be disturbed,
but won't you concede?
Even heroes have the right to dream..
And it's not easy..

Gaaaah~ that was long,. Sorry for the killer post xD,. Well, idols are heroes, too :) in some way :) and in my opinion :D,.
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02 December 2010 @ 12:49 am


To the awesome songwriter, singer, and bassist.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAOTOME HIKARU-KUN!!!
Hika-kun [uwah~ close?? xD], when you first look at him, you'll think that he's a goofy kind of person, which is true. He's the joker of JUMP, the person who is usually seen juggling during performances and always telling jokes, lame or not. Even with that kind of image, when it comes to music, a new Yaotome Hikaru is seen. A more serious, sincere, and determined person. He makes such cool music and make such cool songs.. Yaotome Hikaru is amazing that way and I respect him for that.
And I hope he gets to have a wonderful day and may the blessings continue to come in his life :).

and an advanced Happy Birthday to:
natz666 !!!!!!!
Take care ne? And I hope the YamaJima fics will continue!! xD.
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30 November 2010 @ 05:41 pm


I want to wish JUMP's very own Little Giant a very happy birthday!!
Chinen is.. uhm.. what exaclty can I say to Chinen?!
He has grown up in a very unexpected way.. considering that during the making of the Hey! Say! PV, he was so shy and could only say a few words in front of the camera. The usually cute [not that he's not cute now] features became more manly [of course] and that cute little high-pitched voice that I miss from time to time has also changed. You've become open to more challenges.. you focus on your studies and get high grades that they could literally be flying! I hope that you'll stay as your normal self. We'll always support you Chinen Yuuri! All I'll ask for you is to study hard on learning english and hope that someday, you'll be able to speak the language fluently :).
21 November 2010 @ 10:50 pm
OhMyGee I'm so sorry I wasn't able to greet you on time~ TT^TT.

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]bluebellz81 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care--♥!
20 November 2010 @ 04:27 pm
The holiday is finally finished and I'll be going back to school tomorrow. But as I've promised [well, to myself at least], here's the wallpaper that usagi_goes_pyon  requested!!! I hope it fits and I hope that you like it ^^.

+1 wallpaper of NYC that I did a long time ago xD. This may be the simplest editing I've done in my whole life :)). I just couldn't resist Yuma's handsome face *whacked.

[Just right-click and save~]

Please comment if taking!! And credit if using/posting somewhere else[?]~ [of course except for you, usagi_goes_pyon  since you requested it xD].

Byes~ and hope you liked my work :).
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16 November 2010 @ 04:27 pm
I bet that's her right now~♫

LOL. Jesse McCartney's shake is so addicting~<3. Anyway~ I almost forgot!! When I got home from the sleepover..
I just ate and then slept because I felt so tired and we were going to wake up early the next day to go to the beach. And I had this dream.. we were in the classroom with my classmates/friends but the chairs are like the ones in my previous school in the Philippines. And I was feeling cold. And then I saw Nakajima Yuto [like wth right?] standing there beside a group of chairs, talking to my other classmates, and Yamada Ryosuke was next to him [like wtf so YamaJima-biased huh?]. Yuto was wearing MY pink jacket [i have no idea why he has it but anyway] and I was, like, conscious in my dream and I was thinking how he got my jacket xD. But I shrugged it off and I didn't care anymore. I was feeling cold and I wanted to borrow the jacket so I went over and I was gonna ask him if I could borrow it in a sweet way by hugging him and asking if I could borrow the jacket [isn't that what couples do?! the heck right?! xD]. But when I was gonna hug Yuto, Ryosuke hugged him [omygee the moment!!] and that caused me to hug the both of them [yay I get to hug Yama too <3~]! Which was weird since the two of them fit comfortably in my arms xD. and then it ended right there because my mom woke me up xD.

[:`status?`;]: eating brownies :>
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12 October 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Waaaa! Another songfic!! Songfics are &hearts; because they're the fics that I think have the deepest words and meanings ever xD. I'm only able to do this to songfics. Maybe because I get to write well when I'm in the mood to write.. so listening to the music gets me into the mood xD. LOL. Well, enough of that. Here you go~ [gee, it's been a long time since I've written a fic xD. shinju-senpai, will you consider this as a late present? -even if there's no Yuto and it's a sad story xP-]. Anyway~ this is the English Version of Wedding Dress by J. Reyez 'n' Tommy C. I watched the pv before and I got the concept but it's just now that I fully understood the whole story or maybe I just forgot what the story was xD.

But I'll always be here, standing in the background, just in case you might still need me. Even if I felt my heart start to crumble the moment I saw you in that dress. Because I couldn't help but hate the fact that you're wearing it for someone else.Collapse )
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